Communications executive.
Ex-Calvin Klein underwear model.

Hey, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

One Act, A Lifetime of Memories

I went to the Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden when I was in high school. Had my camera bag with me. Saw a press pass on the ground. Picked it up. Tied it to my bag. And with all the confidence of a teenager, started following the other photographers heading toward the track. The […]

Goodbye, 2021. Hello, 2022.

Another year, another…well, another something. Right? Without further ado, highlights from these past 365 days navigating a global pandemic. Let’s see, where to start. Well, there were a couple of bucket list-level things that happened in 2021. For starters, a portrait I created during an on-site assignment in Basel, Switzerland, flashed on one of the […]

The Work We Do, The Lives We Live

My daughter was a Dr. Who fan. One day she said, “Dad, you need to watch this episode.” What unfolded on the screen — three and a half minutes of thespian magic — is, perhaps, the most emotion-inducing scene in television history. Even more emotional than the finale to MASH. It’s a gut-punching reminder that […]

Out and About Along the Back Roads of Bucks County

Saddle season on the East Coast. When the remnants of late season snowstorms melt into the warming ground of spring. I took the Subaru Outback — my new post-pandemic, let’s-go-on-an-adventure vehicle — for a gallop around the back roads of Bucks County, Pa., at the end of the day. These are a few of the […]

2020 in Photos

I present to you my 2020 in photographs — an escape from the modern day version of “The Stand” we’re living in.

Before and After: Autumn fashion shoot

The last couple of weeks have teetered between the last gasps of autumn and the onset of winter. The mid-Atlantic leaves have dropped from their branches. Reds, yellows, and oranges have drained from the leaves. Blue skies have desaturated into grays. And the ongoing pandemic has crushed the studio shoot dreams for many photographers. Bring […]

Our Responsibility to Do the Right Thing

My mom and I were talking on the phone this afternoon. I was in the car driving to provide photojournalistic cover for one of the local activist organizations staging a sit-in to support a local business under fire from the Republican Party for the owner’s public support of the Black Lives Matter movement. She told […]

Pint of View, Episode 2

Episode 2 of the future Emmy-nominated “Pint of View,” wherein Eric Norlin and I drink a(nother) beer, discuss the explosion of content, and offer up some recommendations on what to add to your Netflix and Substack queues.

A Tale of Two Protests

I have trouble understanding what makes a person fly a flag or put a bumper sticker on their car in support of a political candidate. If you believe in democracy, you should believe that whoever is elected, regardless of the party they are from, represents all Americans — the rich and the poor, the healthy […]

Monktoberfest: It’s about the humans

I should be in Portland, Maine, this week. Like I have been every October for the past nine years. I should have been on a boat in the middle of Casco Bay last night watching the sun set over the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. I should have been gathering with friends old and new […]

Why I am using my iPhone More as My Main Camera

Where some see the death of the DSLR, I see different tool in my photographic repertoire I put my beer down and grabbed my iPhone. Approaching the sand dune, I tightened it into the clamp on a miniature carbon tripod. A quick finger touch on the screen launched the default camera app. With a slight […]

How to Pronounce Kamala

Using NameCoach to help people pronounce U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris’s name correctly. One of the most powerful words in any language is a person’s name. It’s something I learned in college reading Ursula K. Le Guin’s “A Wizard of Earthsea.” And it’s something recent research studies back up, using science to show that […]

Students Supporting Teachers

While angry, unmasked parents demonstrated against an all-virtual start to the school year because of Covid-19 outside the courthouse in the center of Doylestown, Pa., students gathered peacefully in front of the town’s high school to show their support for the Central Bucks School District’s teachers and staff. These are some of the images I […]


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