Communications consigliere.

Pro-am photographer.

Ex-Calvin Klein underwear model.

Hey, two out of three ain’t bad.

  • Two’s a coincidence, three’s a trend

    Two’s a coincidence, three’s a trend as the old saying goes. I’ve had more than a few conversations lately with folks around the technology industry that have had a common theme running through them — not just topically thematic, but in tone, too. And that theme and tone have me thinking we’re starting a brand…

  • Cloud computing’s next act

    Whether in reaction to economic conditions, or taking advantage of the leveling off of the core services that used to differentiate cloud providers, companies are beginning to take a closer look at their cloud sprawl and spend. Some are resetting strategies by taking things back in house; some are going in the opposite direction and…

  • There’s literary beauty in cycling

    Write what you know, so the old adage goes. Which is exactly what two-time U.S. champion John Eustice does. The junction between the groups was made at the base of the famed Koppenberg climb, with 45-k to go, where Pogačar accelerated – of course, what else would one do? – and the big three, van…

  • Squeeze every last drop out of your story

    As Parry Headrick says, you’re banana pants crazy if you aren’t squeezing every last drop out of every piece of content you create.  Think he’s being hyperbolic? Just remember how many writers and movie makers have made a killing off of tweaking Romeo & Juliet. Or how many cooks find ways to stretch yesterday’s leftovers into today’s…

  • AI as a PR force multiplier

    This is 100% spot on. Any PR pros who don’t naturally think like reporters and storytellers — who don’t have or haven’t built that innate muscle to ask questions in a flow that advances a story — are in for a world of hurt. I’ve been using AI for just this reason (and have a…

  • Quality over quantity

    I love this line from Patagonia on its mission as it enters its 50th anniversary. Let’s make things that last longer and do more with what we already have. Good advice to live by, not only in business but as individuals, too.

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