So Many Sunflowers

A lot of photographers will tell you it’s the camera that makes great pictures. Others will tell you it’s not the equipment, but the eye behind the lens. Both have their detractions and merits. Do you want to know what really allows a photographer to make a great image? The discipline to wake up before the sun rises, load your camera bags into your car and drive to a pre-scouted location in order to capture that magical light as it first crests the eastern horizon. Huge gratitude to my friend, Mike Rubillo, for doing the early scouting of this field in New Jersey. He not only provided the exact GPS coordinates, but also had incredibly accurate advice on when to be in position.

(Want to buy a print for your wall? Click the image to go to my online gallery.)

Morning Sunrise Over a Field of Sunflowers from Mike on Vimeo.


2 responses to “So Many Sunflowers”

  1. This field didn’t happen to be in Cape May County, did it?


  2. Ringoes, NJ, just north of TSC.


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