One of my favorite lenses is my 16-35mm. It was my primary lens when our family spent a few weeks in Europe a few years back. It’s a fantastic lens for street photography. I had it on my Canon 5D Mark III as we walked past Horse Guards in Westminster on our way to Buckingham […]

I caught a glimpse of the B&M Baked Bean factory as the bus rolled north toward Augusta. Dormant memories awoke. Memories of a summer family trip to Maine when my dad’s job as a forman at Thatcher Glass — which made the jars B&M’s beans went inside — required him to spend a week on […]

I didn’t plan it, but the past year ended up being one of rediscovery. I celebrated my 50th lap around the sun rekindling my love of skiing. I closed the year out getting back on my mountain bike. In between I took advantage of opportunities to re-explore some of things that have made me successful […]

Last year I taught The Michener Museum’s first photography workshop for kids. It was part of a pilot project for their summer session. It apparently went well because they asked me to come back and expand on it this summer. I’ll be conducting four pop-up workshops at the museum. The first is focused on portraits, […]

Growing up in a small northwestern New Jersey town, I learned early on about what it means to be part of a community — from zone defense parenting to knowing there was always an open door if you needed help, from post game passing the hat for ice cream at Herbie’s to firemen’s festivals straight […]

Woke up to see that an old – I mean, OLD – iPhone image I shot and licensed under Creative Commons chosen to help illustrate an article about Huawei on MSN. I shot the image from Mel Gibson’s apartment in Cannes during the 3GSM conference. The company I was working for at the time rented […]

A campaign to ensure justice for all. Tomorrow, residents of Bucks County head to the polls to vote in the Pennsylvania primaries. One of the most important races on the ballot is for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. I encourage you to cast your vote for Jordan Yeager for this vital judicial role. […]