A Thorny Issue

Tim and The 'Mudge can provide much deeper insight on the topic of baseball than I ever can. However, for some odd reason, I am hooked on the discussions about the banning of Pete Rose from ever entering the Hall of Fame.For those of you like me who know little about the history or passion …

Congrats To Tim And His Alma Mater

I can guarantee that Tim, over at Cracked Sidewalks is a happy man this morning after the Marquette Warriors dropped the University of Connecticut Huskies big time in the Big East opener last night. Check out his post for the smart post-game analysis.

We’re Ba-a-a-ack!

After much time away from the old blogosphere, we're planning to usher in 2006 with a new and revamped Maney|Digital outpost on the web. Expect a random mix of observations, updates and links to things we find interesting or amusing. Enjoy!