Communication Coach

My work with startups has helped them find product market fit, tap into market conversations to support business development efforts and drive thought leadership, and build more compelling stories to tie together their marketing, PR and sales efforts.

I’ve refined this offering over the years based on experience, shifts in the market and, most importantly, feedback from founders and VCs themselves about what they really need from their PR team.

  • I’m their on-call senior-level communications counsel. I look at their business from the outside in. “We’re thinking about announcing x. How should we position it? Who should we tell this story to? How do we do it?” Pick up the phone, text me or shoot me an email (most of my clients add me to their Slack channels).
  • I research and build a list of core industry influencers they should be following and work with them to establish personal relationships through direct introductions and injection into relevant conversations.
  • I work with their marketing teams to add their top keywords and competitors to my daily monitoring system. I become their industry eyes and ears.
  • Many use me as an editor to work through messaging and polish their executive/customer/investor communications and marketing copy.
  • We get on the phone (or video) for a weekly 30 minute coaching and strategy session.

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