Communications executive.
Ex-Calvin Klein underwear model.

Hey, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.

Piano Man

It was 9 o’clock on a Saturday with The Entertainer himself, Billy Joel, performing his 125th sold out, one-night-a-month concert at New York City’s iconic Madison Square Garden.

Culmination of Years of Hard Work: The Senior Recital

Years of language classes. Countless lessons. Endless rehearsals. All culminating in an hour long solo performance at Temple University’s Rock Hall in Philadelphia. So proud of the passion and commitment Allison put in over the past four years to get there.

Pro Cycling Portrait

My legs may not be fast enough to keep up with my friends on the Bike Works p/b Fred Beans pro bike team, but my camera’s shutter speed is. Always fun to see one of my images in the local weekly newspaper. Especially when it’s a shot of my friends from the pro cycling team …

Goodbye, 2021. Hello, 2022.

Another year, another…well, another something. Right? Without further ado, highlights from these past 365 days navigating a global pandemic. Let’s see, where to start. Well, there were a couple of bucket list-level things that happened in 2021. For starters, a portrait I created during an on-site assignment in Basel, Switzerland, flashed on one of the …

2020 in Photos

I present to you my 2020 in photographs — an escape from the modern day version of “The Stand” we’re living in.

Pint of View, Episode 2

Episode 2 of the future Emmy-nominated “Pint of View,” wherein Eric Norlin and I drink a(nother) beer, discuss the explosion of content, and offer up some recommendations on what to add to your Netflix and Substack queues.


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