Eric Norlin

SK Ventures

Mike Maney is my go to recommendation for all portfolio companies that ask. Best in the biz.

Rob Hirschfeld


It can take weeks to understand, but Mike Maney is awesome at what he does.

A coach who is always pumping you up is not a coach – improvement takes work and honest feedback. Hold us to high standards! You’ve made RackN (and me, personally) better.

Ben Kepes

Diversity Limited

Despite him being in PR and, as such, tarnished by that industry’s perceived lack of credibility, Maney has shown himself to be someone who really gets it.

Joe Brockmeier


Maney gets a few fundamental things about communicating with press, peers, developers and other folks that many PR people don’t. First principle? “You can’t influence an influencer unless you are an influencer.” The other thing Maney does well, of course, is not taking himself too seriously.