And The Response Is…

Ron Torossian responds somewhat quickly to yesterday's gaff-pearance in Gawker. Rather than take the opportunity to explain the rationale behind his crass marching orders to his staff, Torossian instead responds with his own personal celebrity missive.

Spin Gets Spun

Paul Holmes over at The Holmes Report nails it in a post today on the difference between unadulterated spin and relationship-building. You'll have a hard time finding a better example/definition than the one Paul offers up.

Broadcast News Redux

Without saying so directly, David Bianculli, a TV critic at New York's The Daily News, adds to the spiraling shrinkage in credibility of network news. Bianculli armchair quarterback's the decision by ABC to have World News Tonight news anchor David Woodruff report live from Iraq (Woodruff and his cameraman, Doug Vogt, were seriously injured by …

Start Me Up

The Media Guerilla, Mike Manuel from Voce Communications, expands on Shel Israel's advice for early-stage startups that are considering hiring a PR firm. It's a post worth a read, as it speaks more to the changing nature of communications than it does to decisions facing startups.

Intelligent Design Or Darwinism In Action?

Tim gave me the heads up on this story out of Rancho Cucamonga about a man who broke into a neighbor's house because he mistakenly thought it was his in a heavily inebriated state. Let's just say the results didn't turn out to good for him.