PR professional.
Ex-Calvin Klein underwear model.

Hey, two out of three ain’t bad.

  • Squeeze every last drop out of your story

    As Parry Headrick says, you’re banana pants crazy if you aren’t squeezing every last drop out of every piece of content you create.  Think he’s being hyperbolic? Just remember how many writers and movie makers have made a killing off of tweaking Romeo & Juliet. Or how many cooks find ways to stretch yesterday’s leftovers into today’s…

  • AI as a PR force multiplier

    This is 100% spot on. Any PR pros who don’t naturally think like reporters and storytellers — who don’t have or haven’t built that innate muscle to ask questions in a flow that advances a story — are in for a world of hurt. I’ve been using AI for just this reason (and have a…

  • Quality over quantity

    I love this line from Patagonia on its mission as it enters its 50th anniversary. Let’s make things that last longer and do more with what we already have. Good advice to live by, not only in business but as individuals, too.

  • Wine and Wanderlust: Uncork your inner explorer

    As someone who’s been lucky to have opportunities to explore the world, I’ve learned that life is all about opening your horizons to new experiences. Whether traveling to a new country, trying a new dish, or meeting new people, I try to embrace new and different experiences with open arms. Wine has always been a…

  • Close, but no cigar

    “You’re submitting that shot of the two nuns, right?” I was thinking about it, I told my friend, but life was busy and I shoot mostly for fun now. Well, mostly. It’s still an adrenaline shot to the ego seeing one of my images on a display ad around town or accompanying a news story.…

  • The serendipity of RSS

    My news reader is filled with a variety of feeds: technology news, culture, wine reviews, blogs of interesting people, shopping…it’s all over the place. I choose to populate it wildly because it is an easy way to broaden my knowledge of the world. It also surfaces quirky items that I’d never otherwise learn about. Like…

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