Today is International Women’s Day, a century old celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the globe. Women who lead. Women who inspire. Women who serve. Women who resist. Women who push. Women who nurture. Women who teach. Women who rock. And the women who make me a better human […]

My oldest daughter attends college roughly an hour’s drive from our house. She’s studying vocal performance and music history. Despite being relatively close to home, I’m a believer that college should be a time of personal as well as intellectual growth, an opportunity to experience those first tastes of independence. So, I do my best […]

The tech industry is built as much on speaking submissions as it is on code. Getting a talk accepted at OSCON or Gluecon or Monktoberfest is, for many, a sign of career success. Yet, there are only so many conferences, only so many speaking slots…with so many smart people pitching to educate and entertain their […]

I worked at some of the world’s top PR agencies when my career was getting started. One of those agencies was a place called The Rowland Company. It was part of the vast Saatchi and Saatchi advertising empire. My office, and I still pinch myself when I think about it, was on the top floor […]