How a Hit Broadway Show Became a Branding Case Study

Hamilton is a popular play on Broadway. It will have a long run and make a lot of money for its investors. If that was all it did, Hamilton would leave a lasting memory as a certified hit and leave a lasting impact on theater and entertainment.

But someone in the Hamilton machine is thinking beyond the musical’s core product. Someone sees opportunity to use the show’s influence to play a larger role in improving other human’s lives. And they found a way to do it while staying true to the production’s brand.


“The Eliza Project” has been in the works for months. Curious about the lasting impact of the strong, progressive woman she portrayed on stage, Ms. Soo visited the Graham School and spent hours talking with its students. She wanted to offer them the kind of ‘‘teaching artist” program she saw when she studied at the Juilliard School.

‘Hamilton’ Cast Helps Children in Need,” by Leslie Brody, Wall Street Journal, December 30, 2015


In a world increasingly enamored with profit, it is heartening to see some companies think beyond the products they sell.

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