Santa’s Two-Wheeled Sleigh

My town has a vibrant and fun cycling community of which I am a (slow) member. Each year, roughly 100–200 cyclists get together for a leisurely five mile stroll through the neighborhoods to see the holiday decorations. I couldn’t make it this year, but was able to catch Santa and his pedaling reindeer coming through the center of town.

Click here to download the full resolution images for sharing. If you want a print, click the Buy Photo button (given the low light, I suggest not printing larger than 5×7).

Mike Maney_JB Ride-2
Mike Maney_JB Ride-3
Mike Maney_JB Ride-4
Mike Maney_JB Ride-5
Mike Maney_JB Ride-6
Mike Maney_JB Ride-7
Mike Maney_JB Ride-8
Mike Maney_JB Ride-9
Mike Maney_JB Ride-10
Mike Maney_JB Ride-11
Mike Maney_JB Ride-12
Mike Maney_JB Ride



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