Photos from the 150th Anniversary of Doylestown’s Memorial Day Parade

My mother’s father was a member of the 82nd Airborne during World War II. I am told he was one of the paratroopers who dropped into France on D-Day. My father’s father served in both the Pacific and European theaters during the war as a member of the 86th Infantry Division. One rests in peace near Arlington, Texas, the other in Arlington National Cemetery.

Both were role models in their own ways. My one grandfather showed me how to always keep my chin up, even when his had a cancer eating away at it that eventually took his life. My other grandfather showed me that family isn’t what you are born into and that love and playfulness knows not of age.

I think about them often. Especially on holidays like Memorial Day where people come together to honor those like my grandfathers who sacrificed to defend the democratic ideals upon which America was built.

This year, the small town of Doylestown, Pa., nestled near the banks of the Delaware River where the very concept of these United States first formed, celebrated the 150th anniversary of its Memorial Day Parade, making it the oldest Memorial Day parade in the country. 15,000 people lined Court, North and Main Streets to watch 96 marching units, 142 vehicles and 2,150 participants honor our country’s fallen heroes.

These are some of the images.

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