So Many Talks, So Few Podiums

The tech industry is built as much on speaking submissions as it is on code. Getting a talk accepted at OSCON or Gluecon or Monktoberfest is, for many, a sign of career success. Yet, there are only so many conferences, only so many speaking slots…with so many smart people pitching to educate and entertain their peers. What happens to all of those talks that get denied one of the limited and coveted spots on the agenda?

We all know what happens to them. Most die alongside the speaker’s confidence. Some get resubmitted to other conferences. This is an industry of really — REALLY — smart people. Why should their talks be limited to a few conference stages (many of which are pre-peppered with sponsor talks)? Technology gives us easy tools and platforms to record, publish and host every talk, whether captured on stage or on a webcam in someone’s home office.

Imagine a library of talks hosted on a site like TFiR, talks of insight and informational value that otherwise would never have seen the light of day. Talented speakers who could now have an audience.

There are pieces to this I’m probably missing. So sound off in the comments or carry the discussion over to Twitter (#morepodiums).

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