So Far, But Yet So Close

My oldest daughter attends college roughly an hour’s drive from our house. She’s studying vocal performance and music history. Despite being relatively close to home, I’m a believer that college should be a time of personal as well as intellectual growth, an opportunity to experience those first tastes of independence. So, I do my best to let her have her space, to let her experience new things and make and learn from her own mistakes. I’m proud to say she’s doing just that.

But the school’s music program has put on more than 250 open to the public performances so far this year, several of which she’s taken the stage for. Now, I know I just went on about how college is a time for independence, but you, dear reader, are kidding yourself if you don’t think I took advantage of only being an hour a way to make sure I was in the audience for most of them.

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