While angry, unmasked parents demonstrated against an all-virtual start to the school year because of Covid-19 outside the courthouse in the center of Doylestown, Pa., students gathered peacefully in front of the town’s high school to show their support for the Central Bucks School District’s teachers and staff. These are some of the images I […]

Hundreds of protestors rallied on the courthouse lawn in Doylestown, Pa., this afternoon in continued support of racial justice. The rally was organized by the student-led organizations Bucks Students Demand Action and Youth 4 Unity. Author: Mike Maney Communication Advisor. Photographer. Former Calvin Klein Underwear Model. Hey, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. View all posts by […]

Sure, one could say ManeyDigital is located way out in the sticks. But one would be wrong. Especially when there’s an experimental rocket engine startup right in our backyard (the same backyard, mind you, that is home to the centrifuge every Apollo astronaut trained in…and my oldest daughter summer camped at). Since man landed on […]

I’m a big fan of citizen journalism…but an even bigger fan of seeing my images in the press. Caught this shot while riding on the new Route 202 Parkway on a lazy Sunday while it was open to cyclists and pedestrians. This guy was decked out in his finest Little House on the Prairie attire […]