Getting “press,” as this job ad I saw on HackerNews claims to want, is more than measurement. It’s about relationships, news, an eye for tying a company’s story into wider trends, and having an experienced gut feel for when a story is worthy of press and when it’s better suited for some other type of […]

I’ve been very, very lucky throughout my career to study under some really smart people. But more than smart, they were generous. They took young flacks like me under their wings and taught us how to do PR right. They are a big part of the reason I try hard to pass down what I’ve […]

This morning, CVS/pharmacy announced it would take a $2b hit as a result of a decision to stop selling tobacco products in its stores. It’s a triumph for consumer health and a huge win for corporate public relations teams across industries. “We’ve come to the conclusion that cigarettes have no place in a setting where […]

Paradigm Staffing’s Lindsay Olson recently posted a great question to Facebook: What is the best piece of advice you could give a new grad/entry-level looking to enter the PR profession? What do you wish you would have known when you started your career? I was lucky enough to start my career at one of the […]

Smart words by Seth Godin. Too often, companies get mired in a narrow mindset that awareness equals press. That may have been true in the heyday of trade and product media, but today awareness is so much more. It’s a powerful blog post that gets shared across multiple media and marketing channels, it’s the reach […]

One of the things I advise companies is that sometimes the best marketing is not marketing at all…it’s simply a matter of doing what is right. LEGO is now my poster child for that advice. And a spot-on post by B.L. Ochman -> “Lego: a company that doesn’t have to force customers to Like them […]

Redmonk founder Stephen O’Grady posted a great recap of Monktoberfest 2012 (complete with the list of amazing, impossible-to-find beers they served). I’m slightly partial to this paragraph: Mike Maney, a longtime Friend of RedMonk, arranged and shot the video for the conference on his own. He and his colleague Matt Helmke turned their travel to […]