Momentum for mobile open source e-mail

After a roughly two year stint running PR for IBM’s pervasive computing/wireless business and a similar period of time working with some of the best and brightest in open source, I find posts like this one from Funambol CEO Fabrizio Capobianco encouraging:

“I read Hal’s recent press release about Fusemail (another smart email provider who realized there is ton of money to be made in mobilizing their customers, behind the carriers) and the last sentence hit me:

FuseMail selected Funambol’s software during the second calendar quarter of 2008, the most successful quarter in Funambol’s history. Funambol completed a company-record ten sales transactions with innovative providers of email and PIM sync around the world, including several well-known service providers, online portals, such as AOL, and mobile operators. In the second quarter, the company also closed a Series B round of $12.5M in venture capital and significantly strengthened its solution by introducing important new support for BlackBerry and the iPhone 3G.

Kudos to Fabrizio, Hal and the rest of the Funambol team!

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