All votes are not equal, really

US Senator Barack Obama campaigning in New Ham...Image via WikipediaThere are people in this country who should not be given the privilege to vote.

Today’s Wall Street Journal is carrying a page one story about a trend among working class women to support Barack Obama‘s presidential bid. The impetus behind this shift (this demographic supported McCain until recently) is the belief that Obama will do more to help the middle class through the current economic crisis.

What’s troubling is what these voters believe they have to sacrifice in their new support. A couple of highlights from the WSJ story:

  • “They may have to get over race.”
  • As U.S. economic concerns intensify, ranks of blue-collar females are reconsidering everything from Sen. Obama’s policies to their comfort level with his race.”

I’m sorry, but if you are an American who still needs to get comfortable with someone’s race, your prejudice and ignorance precludes you from casting an informed and meaningful vote.

On second thought, I’m not sorry. I’m appalled.

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