Repurpose with a Purpose

Social Media Killed the Video News Release StarImage by b_d_solis via FlickrOne of the things I advocate to my clients is the concept of content repurposing. To put it more simply: What else can we do with the content we have beyond its single initial purpose?

For example, in the process of drafting a press announcement, most PR pros ask subject matter experts roughly the same set of 10 questions to get to the heart of the news. They then turn that interview into a press release (I’m being parochial on purpose here). Given the tools we now have at our disposal, why couldn’t we simultaneously do the following:

  • Capture the interview as an mp3 or on camera and post it as a pod/vidcast?
  • Repackage the interview into a Q&A?
  • Tweet good quotes as teasers?

The idea is to do more, to get more, out of the content we have and the content we generate. For more, check out this post from SHIFT PR’s Todd Defren.

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