Punkin Chunkin 2010

Team Chucky

For the second year in a row, we trucked out to the middle of a Delaware farmer’s field to watch teams launch pumpkins through the Fall sky. The field was ringed with contraptions powered by air, tension and torsion.

It was the torsion contraptions that we were most interested, as Team Chucky was once again vying for another world champion title. And they didn’t let their fans down — nor did they let their newfound celebrity go to their heads (they are to the Science Channel what Sig Hansen and his crew are to Deadliest Catch) — taking the top spots in the hotly-contested, Jack Daniels-fueled Torsion and Catapult categories.

Our tailgating crew gets larger each year, our spread more elaborate (big thanks to my dad for carting the keg of 16 Mile brew to the contest), our arrival earlier, and our departure later.

Team Chucky Fans at Punkin Chunkin 2010

If you’ve never experienced Punkin Chunkin up close and personal rather than watching from a turkey-induced coma from your couch after a big Thanksgiving meal, make sure you don’t miss out next year…the more, the merrier (and if this year was any indication, Punkin Chunkin 2011 should be the merriest yet).

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