Leadership. Recognized.

Rod Adkins at Mobile World Congress 2003I’ve had the opportunity and luck to work with some very smart, very influential people over the course of my career. Which is why I am very proud to have served as director of communications in 2003 to 2011’s Black Enterprise Corporate Executive of the Year, IBM’s Rod Adkins. I worked with Rod when he led Big Blue’s pervasive computing strategy, moving it from an emerging business into what has become the core of IBM’s (and the industry’s) vision to harness the data coming from all of the sensors and computers embedded in non-traditional computing devices (things like refrigerators, cars and paint chips).

2 responses to “Leadership. Recognized.”

  1. […] like old home week here at ManeyDigital. Yesterday, someone I led PR for back in 2003 was named the 2011 Black Corporate Executive of the Year by Black Enterprise Magazine. Today, I see on Hacker News that someone found a way to run Inferno […]


  2. […] creating a global (cosmic?) data fabric is an idea that I helped promote a decade ago during the early days of IBM’s pervasive computing initiative. Over the past 10 years, its core has evolved into the technological foundation underneath business […]


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