So here’s the deal: Last year, Matt Helmke and I undertook an epic multi-state beer run from Philadelphia to Portland to attend Monktoberfest. Along the way, we made like Zane Lamprey and Pleepleus by stopping at a number of craft breweries. At each stop, we interviewed the head brewer and put a case or two of their tasty beer into the back of my Tahoe. We arrived in Portland with close to 13 cases of Dogfish Head, River Horse, Old Burnside and Harpoon to share with attendees (on top of all of the ridiculously crazy good beer provided by Steve and the Redmonk crew).

This year, we’re making the same Philadelphia-to-Portland run…with a twist.

Come to find out, there’s a site that let’s you plug in your origin and destination and it spits out a map showing the breweries along your route. Which got me thinking: Why not let the Monktoberfest participants decide which breweries to visit on our annual pilgrimage?

So, take a look at the map. Study it. Then tweet out your top five choices (copying me @the_spinmd). Voting closes at the end of happy hour (ET) on Friday, 9/13. I’ll then tally the responses, gas up the truck and make like The Bandit.

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