A Future of wires, rotors and data

While everyone was busy installing derivative messaging apps on their phones, some companies were busy messing around with wires and rotor blades. And by messing around, I mean doing some really interesting things.

Amazon recently teased its drone delivery strategy and, as reported by VentureBeat, Google has been quietly acquiring its own robotic army.

What I want to see is a live TV news shot of the first Amazon octocopter drone taking off on the first ever delivery. It passes over a Google car … which transforms into a bipedal robot and knocks the drone out of the sky. Your move, Bezos! – Ray Pawulich via Facebook

Google and Amazon are just two of the big names in this next wave of technological innovation. Others, such as OpenROV, OnTheGo and Orbotix are also building pieces of this combined computing and manufacturing future that began with the dawn of the industrial age.

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