Gluecon: Video Interviews

Last week I hopped a plane out of Philly to attend what I believe was my eighth Gluecon. In years past, I’ve packed light, since the dress code for Glue doesn’t require socks. But this year, I loaded up my weighty Canon 5D Mark III with the intention of capturing a few of the attendees on video. You can see the non-moving images here.

Those who know me, know my background leans more to the still photo side of the lens, so this would be an adventure into the moving picture capabilities of the big rig. Let’s just say a certain Mr. Spielberg’s empire remains safe. But my goal wasn’t to produce a masterpiece. It was done in the age old spirit of minimal viable product and being at peace looking back someday and being embarrassed at my early work.

So, without further adieu, I present a couple of interviews I conducted over the course of the conference. Huge thanks to my guinea pigs, er, interview subjects, for playing along: Aneel Lakhani (SignalFx), Pat Patterson (StreamSets), John Minnihan (Tincup), Jason Hansen (Deis), Tyler Fontaine (Elastic), William Morgan (Buyoyant), Guillaume LaForge (Restlet), Cody Hill (Platform9) and Theo Schlossnagle (Circonus). And, of course, Eric and Kim Norlin for bringing some of the smartest people in tech together each year.


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