The last couple of weeks have teetered between the last gasps of autumn and the onset of winter. The mid-Atlantic leaves have dropped from their branches. Reds, yellows, and oranges have drained from the leaves. Blue skies have desaturated into grays. And the ongoing pandemic has crushed the studio shoot dreams for many photographers. Bring […]

My mom and I were talking on the phone this afternoon. I was in the car driving to provide photojournalistic cover for one of the local activist organizations staging a sit-in to support a local business under fire from the Republican Party for the owner’s public support of the Black Lives Matter movement. She told […]

I have trouble understanding what makes a person fly a flag or put a bumper sticker on their car in support of a political candidate. If you believe in democracy, you should believe that whoever is elected, regardless of the party they are from, represents all Americans — the rich and the poor, the healthy […]

There’s a line in the movie “We Bought a Zoo” where Thomas Hayden Church says to Matt Damon, “I like the animals. But I love the humans.” Me too. It’s what got me hooked on photography way back in high school. Working on the yearbook staff gave me an excuse for always having my camera […]

Feels like forever ago that Jooj and I started building out her modeling portfolio. We’ll get back to it post-apocalypse, but thought I’d feature one of my favorite shots from our last studio session.  After our first shoots — firsts for both of us — Jooj signed with Joy Talent Agency. You may have seen […]

The sea turtle munched coral 10 feet below me. I had kicked my way into the channel where the reef separated. The calm surface of the water betrayed the omnipresent current heading out to the dark blue of the Pacific. Located on north shore of the Hawaiian island of Kauai, Tunnels Beach is recognized as […]

Doylestown has been home to famous musicians for over a century. Legends like Oscar Hammerstein, Pink, Broadway stars like Jenny Lee Stern and Justin Guarini, Blues hall of fame band Little Red Rooster, and White House, Kennedy Center and late night television regular Eric Mintel. One Direction’s Zane Malik recorded cuts from his debut album […]