The signs don’t lie

Stumbled across this article in Digital Camera World highlighting some of the iconic destinations around the world that don’t allow — or heavily frown upon — travelers taking photos. I’m pretty good about doing my research into local customs before we travel and try to play by the rules. But sometimes an image appears in front of you that you just can’t help but capture.

with guards authorized to intervene if anyone is caught trying to take a sneaky shot.

6 tourist destinations around the world where you CAN’T take photos | Digital Camera World

The Crown Jewels in the Tower of London is one such place. Entering a dark room, you see the jewels in a glass case. You pass by them on a moving walkway. There are signs that instruct visitors that no photos are allowed. I took — mistook — this as a standard “no flash photography allowed” suggestion. It was not a suggestion. And it did not limit itself to flash photography. Nope.

I fired off a single hip shot as I passed. The Queen’s guards were waiting for me at the end of the human conveyor belt. A hand was placed upon my shoulder.

“Sir, please show me your camera. Sir, please delete the images.”

I fumbled for the play and then trashcan buttons.

“Thank you, sir. Have a good day.”

(Photo below is not of the Crown Jewels. To see more from London, check out this gallery.)

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