Being There

I remember my first business trip after my daughter was born. She was about six months old at the time. I needed to fly to Dubai for a week. Mind you, this was before the ubiquity of easy international phone calls, much less video conferencing. As the song line goes, leaving really is the hardest part (though my wife might argue managing a new kid solo was no walk in the park).

I was reminded of this trip last week while I was standing on the bow of a boat in the middle of Casco Bay. Looking out toward the Atlantic Ocean, I caught a quick glimpse of Redmonk co-founder Stephen O’Grady out of the corner of my eye. My experience told me he was either (a) taking a series of questionable selfies or (b) saying goodnight to his new daughter. I’m pretty sure it was (b).

While nothing compares to being there in person, the reality is that sometimes life makes physically being there impossible. For all the deserved knocks against the intrusion of technology on our lives, it’s nice to know that when we really need it, the march of innovation makes virtually being there that much closer to the real thing.

Even when you’re on a boat on the edge of the ocean.

One response to “Being There”

  1. Ah, Mr. O’Grady. Warms my heart to see this. And yes, there is no restraint when vying for a child’s smile.


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