What I’m Reading

Sunday morning, a thin blanket of snow on the ground, hot coffee in my favorite Herb Ritts/Bruce Springsteen mug, Premier League on the television in the background, and a bunch of saved tabs from the week open in my browser.

  1. The Fractured States of America
  2. The Story Behind “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits
  3. Why China Is Emerging as a Tech Superpower to Rival the U.S.
  4. Flexibility and informality could be the way of the future
  5. The Nationalist’s Delusion
  6. Don’t Stop the Presses! Why Big Tech Should Subsidize Real Journalism
  7. A panda who was “really, really, ridiculously good at sex”
  8. Time to release the internet from the free market – and make it a basic rig
  9. The Curious Case of August Engelhardt, Leader of a Coconut-Obsessed Cult
  10. The secret tricks hidden inside restaurant menus
  11. 5 Reasons to See Morocco By Motorcycle
  12. Should Public Transit Be Free?
  13. A Master List of 1,300 Free Courses From Top Universities
  14. Hear What Literally Every Genre of Music Sounds Like With This Tool
  15. 50 Of The Best Screenplays To Read And Download In Every Genre
  16. Has the Silicon Valley Hype Cycle Finally Run Its Course?
  17. Trust Fragments

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