What I’m Reading: Storytellers, Brand Values, Freddie Mercury

A quick list of links to some of the content I’ve been reading this week (and have queued up to read this morning over coffee).

  1. Flexibility and informality could be the way of the future
  2. The Desirability of Storytellers
  3. Why We Need Art
  4. Humans Have Reached the Peak of Our Height, Lifespan and Physical Fitness
  5. Estonia, the Digital Republic
  6. (30) Principles of Technology Leadership <— This is a must-watch talk given by Bryan Cantrill at this year’s Monktoberfest
  7. Creativity Is the Next Economic Revolution
  8. What Made Freddie Mercury the Best Vocalist in Rock
  9. David Lang’s “Symphony for a Broken Orchestra”
  10. The Responsible Company by Yvon Chouinard & Vincent Stanley
  11. Eugène Delacroix