Portraits in Boston


Growing up, we cheered for the New York Yankees. Especially when they played the Boston Red Sox. Especially on those game days.

Now, as an adult, I ‘ve had many opportunities to visit the city of my childhood rivals. Those visits have been a mixture of business, college visits with my daughter and plain old passing through on my annual pilgrimage to Portland for Monktoberfest. I’ve even watched a game from behind home plate at Fenway. Don’t tell my dyed-in-pinstripe-blue mother, but it’s a pretty awesome place to watch a baseball game. Through these visits I’ve discovered something. Something painful.

I like Boston.

I ventured back to the city last week to shoot a series of portraits for my friends at the Cloud Foundry Foundation during the opening day of their annual community summit. The foundation governs some of the technology that makes a lot of the things we take for granted work. It’s supported by big names in the tech industry, as well as big names outside of tech.

This is a sample of the roughly 70 images we created that day. In Boston.

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