Embarking on an Exciting Next Few Weeks

I just got back from my annual Monktoberfest sojourn to Portland, Maine. I’m home for roughly 24 hours and then head off on a weeklong corporate portrait assignment in Basel, Switzerland. It will be the 25th country I’ve had the privilege of visiting. 171 more to go.

It was weird not having my Canon with me in Portland, but felt prudent to leave it home with the other equipment I’ll use in Basel. My office floor is currently an organized grid of camera bodies, lenses and lights ready to be packed up. Luckily, my iPhone was able to capture some of the beauty of Casco Bay during our sunset boat trip on Wednesday night.

When I get back from Switzerland, I’m excited to see images from my “This Is Our Town” project displayed as part of the pre-roll during the Saturday kids’ matinees at The County Theater in Doylestown, Pa. My daughters have had the luck and privilege of being taught by amazing teachers. Teachers whose work, caring and above and beyond effort too often goes unheralded. Working with the CB Cares Educational Foundation, I created portraits of our school district’s art department. The arts are the foundation for a well rounded, long term life of learning. They cause us to question and think about the fuzzy gray areas outside of the black and white lines of life we often live.

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