Horse Guards

One of my favorite lenses is my 16-35mm. It was my primary lens when our family spent a few weeks in Europe a few years back. It’s a fantastic lens for street photography.

I had it on my Canon 5D Mark III as we walked past Horse Guards in Westminster on our way to Buckingham Palace. As we got near, the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment was getting into formation for the daily changing of the guard ceremony. On camera left was a Squadron of The Life Guards. On the right, a Squadron of The Blues and Royals. These Life Guards have stood guard at Horse Guards, the official entrance to St James and Buckingham Palace, since 1660.

Unlike the more popular changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, Horse Guards is incredibly accessible. I maneuvered my way center and got down low. As the two squadron leaders approached each other for the handoff, I clicked the shutter, my loyal lens racked as wide as it could go to capture the majesty of the scene.

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