Pint of View, Episode One: Eric & Mike Drink a Beer

It’s a rare Sunday morning when Eric Norlin and I aren’t engaged in heady philosphical debate. Fingers furiously tapping away in chat windows swaying each other to the merits of our individual point of view.  It’s an exercise of critical thought. A way to check our personal assumptions – and have the cross-checked. Often, at least from my side, it’s the argumentative equivalent to getting smashed into the boards by the burliest Canadian NHL defensemen (even though Eric lives just over Canada’s southern border).

These are enjoyable, invigorating conversations historically conducted over coffee and kept to ourselves. Except Eric and I also enjoy and are invigorated by craft beer. IYou know where this is going.

Below is the first episode — the worldwide premiere — of the future Emmy-nominated video podcast series, “Pint of View.” Or, as Eric and I refer to it, “Mike and Eric Drink a Beer and Argue About Stuff.” In epsidode one, we tee up the debate about the future of the Covid-19 work from home shift. We’re still working out the audio visual kinks, but figured we’d follow the old startup adage of ship it and iterate as we go.

Because time is now measured in ounces. Cheers.

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