2020 in Photos

I usually like to start the new year off with a post of my favorite images from the previous year. But 2020 was — let’s be honest — a shit show of epic proportions. So I forgot about my annual image post. Well, not so much forgot as just didn’t care. There are clearly more important things the world needs right now than a random post of random photographs.

But then Steve O’Grady posted his annual recap over on his blog. It’s a post I look forward to more than my own (mostly for the summer emergency room images). And I thought to myself, self, you really should crank out those images because they just might — like Steve’s — let people escape this modern day version of “The Stand” for a few minutes.

So, my friends, I give you my 2020 in photographs. I thought about putting them into some sort of chronological order, but 2020 chronology was just one long March…which, for what it’s worth, is when I noticed my shooting shifted hard to screencaps of my television, pint glasses to accompany UnTappd entries, and new edits of old photos.

Enjoy the deliberate chaos. We’re all used to it by now anyway.

I had one of my portraits show up on the national political stage. You may recall one of the names in the caption below as one of 2020’s most important defenders of democracy. As Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Kathy Boockvar was instrumental in ensuring the sanctity of a free and fair election in our state. It was an honor to see a portrait I shot during her husband’s campaign for county judge used in news stories highlighting her work.

I’ve discovered a fun niche in my portrait work with the music and theater communities. This is arguably one of the most difficult images I’ve ever created and definitely the biggest group I’ve ever included in one frame. But, here’s the thing: when you’re working with pros like these talented performers from Central Bucks West High School, it makes the job a helluva lot easier.

A little Patsy Cline and Joe Montone in a small town courtyard before their big community concert. I got a text from Joe. “Hey, I’m pulling together an outdoor concert of old school country music. Any chance you can shoot Jenny Lee and I for the poster?” I mean, how do you say no, right?

To arms! That’s what I should’ve titled this image of actor David Feliz shot in Old City Philadelphia.

Looks like it was shot in a studio, but actually shot in my driveway. My neighbor’s daughter was outside twirling a sunflower umbrella. I quickly set up a v-flat and grabbed this shot.

Had the pleasure of grabbing a couple of frames of Jon Sheairs near 4th and Bainbridge in Philadelphia. He’s the lead guitarist for the band Overcoming Gravity.

Got down low. Waited. Clicked.

The teachers in the music department of Central Bucks School District in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for VH-1’s Save the Music Foundation. The money is used to establish music programs in other schools across the nation. Teachers from the district’s music department – and other secretly talented teachers from other departments – put on a concert that could easily pack bigger theaters than the 1,000-plus school auditorium they play to for three sold out shows each year. They generously give me unfettered access to the pit, backstage, and rafters to document the performances.

And there was pasta. Lots of pasta.

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