Bald Guys on Bikes: Episode 1 with Chris Meacham

A wise friend once imparted advice that has stuck with me: “Just say yes.”

I’ve done my best to live by that rule. It’s given me the opportunity to do and experience amazing things, and — since my friends have a habit of concocting some outrageously questionable ideas — it’s also given me the opportunity to do some really dumb things.

Case in point: My friend Brian, who owns a bike shop and has encyclopedic knowledge of bike history, shoots me a text and suggests the two of us host an interview series with pro cyclists, bike industry reps, the mechanics who make the wheels go round, and various other members of the cycling community.

Brian, I should point out, is one of those forces of nature that Makes Things Happen™. Start a bike shop in a small, southestern Pennsylvania town? Why not? Create and then direct a professional bike racing team? Go ahead. Open a second bike shop in the middle of a pandemic? Of course. Produce a documentary film that followed the journey of a local racer (and friend) diagnosed with brain cancer who endured life-saving surgeries to further endure and finish a legendary mountain bike race in Leadville, Colorado? Sure.

As you can imagine, saying no or I’ll think about it was not exactly an option.

So what do two follicly-challenged, lantern-rouge-carrying ham-and-eggers like us do? We reach out to the fine folks at GoPro who set us up with a Hero10 camera and creator kit, and ask our friend Andy Jarin and his crew at B&B Beverages in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, to hook us up with cans of liquid gold. Then we put the GoPro on a tripod, cracked open the craft, and started inviting folks to join us in fun conversation.

The first episode of “Bald Guys on Bikes” went live this week. Brian and I suckered in, I mean, sat down with Bike Works p/b Fred Beans elite athlete and BMC Ride Crew ambassador Chris Meacham to talk about racing the Leadville 100, hitting the gravel from atop his BMC URS LT One bike, a way cool company called Moosepacks, and the insanity of riding Pennyfarthings.

More episodes to come, so hit that subscribe button as the cool kids say.

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