Cloud computing’s next act

Whether in reaction to economic conditions, or taking advantage of the leveling off of the core services that used to differentiate cloud providers, companies are beginning to take a closer look at their cloud sprawl and spend. Some are resetting strategies by taking things back in house; some are going in the opposite direction and spreading workloads across multiple providers to find the best fit for their business; and some are using this inflection point to reconsider whether they want to continue building on a legacy centralized architecture or prepare for a more decentralized and distributed future.

So while things like egress costs and price performance appear to be about saving money, what they’re really about — to me — is something more profound: the beginning of a new phase for cloud computing that shifts control back to the customer.

“Linode has phenomenally-generous bandwidth that, all told, has shown us savings of around 60% over AWS even without considering the savings on hardware,” said Jonathan. “It’s easy to get new servers whenever we want, the Linode API is extremely reliable, and pricing is never a surprise. We also use Linode Managed Databases, and we’ve found that Linode’s CPU performance per dollar blows everyone else out of the water.” 

Jonathan Oliver, CEO, Smarty

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