Something Bad Must Be In The Texas Water

What is it about Texans and common sense lately? This past week, the Bush administration gave everyone a primer on what happens when you try to hide bad news. And now Texas-based RadioShack is in the barrel [free registration required] for trying to avoid the issue of its CEO falsifying his educational background.

I’m just going to assume that there’s a crisis communications playbook from the 1950s that everyone in Texas is working off of. It’s the only way to explain the head-in-the-sand denial that companies are operating in a more fluid, more transparent environment today (an environment we can thank another group of Texans for: the boys of Enron).

2 responses to “Something Bad Must Be In The Texas Water”

  1. Don’t mess with Texas, boy, or you’ll wind up in the path of birdshot.

    Don’t forget we’re a big state. We still think, per capita, there are more crazy people up in your parts.


  2. Oh, we have the crazies…no doubt about that. We just try to keep them out of office (THE office and the corner office) and only subject the rest of the world to them via the boob tube (phrasing chosen specifically for increased hit counts). 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by! Media Orchard is a daily stop in my RSS reader.


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