Why Going on Tony Kornheiser’s Show is Wrong for Lance Armstrong

Earlier today, a good friend of mine posted something to her Facebook page. Here's what it said: If you listen to the clip, ESPN's Tony Kornheiser -- no stranger to outlandish, suspension-related commentary -- basically tells his readers it is okay to run down bicyclists on the road. My beef isn't with Kornheiser's actual comment …

Lights! Camera! Action!

A short video tour of our team's booth at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona. Yours truly shows up to add some witty commentary at the :54 mark.

NSF: Interactive Journalism + Computer Science

I posted earlier about an innovative interactive journalism program called IJIMS. Here's an update from Kim Pearson: Here's a full-blown article from NSF about our Interactive Journalism Institute for Middle Schoolers, for which I'm co-Principal Investigator. Lots of FB folks to shout out -PI Ursula Wolz, co-PI Monisha Pulimood. Amy Gahran and Mitchel Resnick supported …

Mike Maney’s Daily Link Highlights

Mike's Story Cancer sucks. Read this first-hand account from one of the bravest people I know. (tags: cancer friends) Launching a start-up and having a family life: It’s possible! Good tips on "working to live" that are applicable whether you are building a startup or not. (tags: weekly_links tips entre entrepreneur startup family)

Your vote counts!

I've had the pleasure of working not only with the company that sponsors the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards, but currently work with one of the most impressive companies currently in the running for the 2009  contest. That company is MindTouch.  Using (and living) open source, MindTouch has built a powerhouse of a collaboration platform.  The …