Sam Whitmore: WSJ’s Bill Bulkeley laid off

In what world does something like this happen? The Wall Street Journal basically shuts down its Boston bureau and, in so doing, jettisons one of its top reporters.

There are too many high profile, top-of-their-game reporters in free agency these days. The Fourth Estate is more than profits and losses…it’s the core of the checks and balances that make up the bedrock of a democratic society. Unfortunately, the last few years have seen the erosion of media’s role as a recorder of history and public watchdog. As an industry, media has allowed Trumponian ideals to overtake Cronkiteian roles and responsibilities.

Journalism’s heartbeat gets weaker each time it abandons its best players.

4 Replies to “Sam Whitmore: WSJ’s Bill Bulkeley laid off”

  1. I think you and Sam Whitmore are right — Bulkeley is a great guy, and it’s hard to imagine how he could be laid off. Despite positive news about the economy, we’re still seeing more layoffs. Which means, unfortunately, that we’re not out of the woods yet. Check out my blog article with more bad news,


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