Your vote counts!

I’ve had the pleasure of working not only with the company that sponsors the Sourceforge Community Choice Awards, but currently work with one of the most impressive companies currently in the running for the 2009  contest.

That company is MindTouch.  Using (and living) open source, MindTouch has built a powerhouse of a collaboration platform.  The platform (like a wiki…if it were on the world’s most powerful steroids), sits at the foundation of a trio of collaborative network solutions MindTouch will roll-out in 2009.  The first — MindTouch Collaborative Intranet — attacks the failure of today’s current crop of corporate intranets to deliver on their promise of improved collaboration.  MindTouch’s charismatic CEO, Aaron Fulkerson, threw heat on the issue recently with his post on the future of collaborative networks.

All this is a lead-in to say that if you read this blog, you should vote for MindTouch in the 2009 Sourceforge Community Choice Awards.  It’s the right thing to do. (And make sure you add the cool badge below to your site or blog).

* Yes, MindTouch is a client, but I’d have encouraged you to vote regardless. They are that good.


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