Gadgets and Gizmos


  • My primary day-to-day computer is a 17″ PowerBook G4. I’m a Mac Switcher and can’t ever see myself going back to the Dark Side of Windows. Everything you see in the ads and everything you hear is true: Macs just work.
  • I also have a 20″ iMac G5 that I use for photo and video editing. Apple really does some amazing work on electronic design.
  • Keeping with the Apple theme, let’s talk music. And video. The 30gb video iPod was a gift from my wife last Father’s Day. Not only is it a great companion when I’m flying, but it is also really cool to be able to plug it into friends’ TVs to watch home videos and movies I’ve synched to it.
  • Maxtor and LaClie back-up drives. You just never know.


  • I believe in the Palm operating system. I tried to give up my Treo about a year ago, but just couldn’t live without it. I currently carry the Treo 700p around. It’s amazing how mobile and connected it makes you. It’s liberating.
  • While I’m not a fanboy of Verizon’s U.S.-centric network, I do like their high-speed wireless EVDO network. No cards for me since I can use Bluetooth to connect to the Internet from my PowerBook through the Treo.


  • Adium. The #1 app on my system. It integrates all of my IM accounts into one big, simple list.
  • Simple and it works.
  • iCal and a small little app called Actiontastic that makes adding to-do’s quick and easy.
  • QuickSilver. I can’t describe what it does or how it does it, so just check it out. It’ll grow on you and you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Integrates with Actiontastic and iCal.
  • Camino. Web browser for the Mac.
  • Word and Excel. I try to avoid PowerPoint at all costs.
  • Textedit. No formatting, no BS…just plain, simple, clean text.
  • Photoshop CS.
  • GarageBand. It makes a great little amp with sound effect boxes for my Takamine G Series guitar.


  • A Canon 10D I bought off of eBay. It was a pro photographer’s back-up camera.
  • Lenses include a 28-70mm Canon EF-L at f2.8 and a 135-300 Canon USM at f3.5.
  • Flash is a Canon Speedlite 550EX.

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