Old Enough to Know Better

I’m old enough to know better, but tonight I’m going to play a pick-up hockey game. It’ll be my fourth time this year (the weather’s been cooperating despite global warming). Here’s where we play:

The rink is in my friend Kevin’s yard. It is roughly 55′ x 120′ and lit with two 1,000 watt halogen work lights. The curved driveway will make it easier for the ambulance to cart me away.

One response to “Old Enough to Know Better”

  1. Okay – what a fabulous way to enjoy a winter’s day (or night). So, funny thing is that you alerted me to this photo via your comment on my blog and now, I realize that the rink is about 200 yards East of my farm — and to boot, I’ve been there with my daughter who is a classmate of theirs. Yes, it’s truly a small world when you meet your neighbors by going all the way around the digital world.

    I look forward to reading your other posts.


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