I’ve been a fan of Saranac beer for a long time. It’s good brew and the company is topnotch (they once shipped a case of free beer to a friend of mine who had written them a letter asking where to find a certain style for his wedding…and personalized it by wishing him well at the wedding.

Unfortunately, the brewery took a hit somewhat recently. A fire destroyed its canning building. So, it’s good to see them back up and running:

New York: Black Diamond Bock, Saranac, Utica: “

The news from Utica is good. F.X. Matt, makers of the Saranac brand, will live on after the fire that took out the canning building two weeks ago and in fact beer is still being brewed now.

The news is also good about this beer. I picked up a six at the Alex Bay Mart the other week for a pittance – made more pittanced by the wave through by the lad at the border. This beer pours a orange-chestnut with a white rim. Medium bodied with dark cherry and vanilla malt cut by tobacco hops. I had the occasion last weekend to consider this brew with a wee dram of decent bourbon, Woodford Reserve and the combo was a natural. Plenty of BAer respect.”

(Via A Good Beer Blog.)

Support a great beer maker and purchase some Saranac Black Diamond Bock this weekend.

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