Water, Water Everywhere

(Awesome image by Art Gentile, Intelligencer staff photographer) Every year, Jenn rallies the other mothers in the neighborhood to surprise the kids when they get off the bus on the last day of the school year. And by surprise, I mean soak them with as many water balloons and super soakers as she can find. …

Time Machine

In every teenager's life there's an iconic band. A band that sticks with them through the years. For me, that band is Rush. I never got the chance to see them in concert while I was growing up. But that changed this past Wednesday when I saw them perform songs old and new at the …


If you look closely, you can see me -- El Gordo -- on the seesaw in the middle of this bullring in Cabo San Lucas. You can also see El Toro getting ready to charge me (which he did several times over the 10+ minutes I was in the ring).


A fun video produced by my good friend's son, Shane Mandes. Give it a listen/watch. (BTW, someone should hire this kid...great skills.)