On NOT Being Named a Most Influential Blogger

Late last week, MindTouch announced its list of “The Most Influential Technical Communicator Bloggers.” Julie Norris was one of the influential bloggers on the list (and wrote a really nice post on it called “On Being Named a Most Influential Blogger“).

Sadly, I was not on that list. Perhaps I didn’t make the cut because ManeyDigital doesn’t focus on “technical communication.” Perhaps my omission was because, frankly, I’m not that influential. Or, as I really suspect, I was left off the list because Mark Fidelman and Aaron Fulkerson are threatened by my insane good looks, sharp wit and even sharper wardrobe.

Yeah, I’m sure it’s that last reason.

* If you aren’t following Mark Fidelman yet, do so now.

One response to “On NOT Being Named a Most Influential Blogger”

  1. dude – send over $20 and I guarantee you’ll be on the next list.


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