An Open Apology to Redmonk’s Michael Cote

Earlier this morning I did something so shameful, so hurtful to another member of the human race that a blessing by the Pope of Popes wouldn’t be able to absolve the sin.

In a Twitter exchange with Redmonk’s James Governor, I mistakenly attached a degrading label to one of his top analysts, Michael Cote. I fully and personally apologize for the words I used and the intent behind those words. My choice of language was intended for another of Redmonk’s top analysts, Steve O’Grady.

So, please, Michael, accept my apology. I meant no ill will toward you when I called you — I shudder to repeat these words — a Red Sox fan.

4 responses to “An Open Apology to Redmonk’s Michael Cote”

  1. Marshall Kirkpatrick Avatar
    Marshall Kirkpatrick
  2. Marshall Kirkpatrick Avatar
    Marshall Kirkpatrick

    Oops that was a “rolls eyes” in brackets, didn’t show up. yeah. sheesh.


  3. He might not be yet, but he will be by the time i get done with him.

    So no need to apologize: he’ll root for the good guys soon enough.


  4. No hard feelings. Baseball is the one they do on ice, right? 😉


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