A Personalized Google TV Station

Smokey and the Bandit

A status update that included a link to a clip of the movie “Smokey and the Bandit” by my friend and Phi Tau fraternity brother, Sam Ceresi, sparked an idea this morning: create a television channel that does a 24×7 loop of the following movies:

Maybe a play for Netflix or Comcast or DirecTV? I don’t know the technical limitations, but it seems to me they already have quite an inventory of spectacularly useless channels already in their lineup. What’s one or a couple million more?  Would it be possible to give everyone their own personal channel — like Google does with email. Hmmm, doesn’t Google already own YouTube? If they could figure out a way to compensate the studios — and either create their own or buy their way into an existing network — this could be an interesting play for them.

Think it would could fly? Would there be enough demand? What would you pay? And, most important, what five movies would you loop on your personal Google TV channel?

2 responses to “A Personalized Google TV Station”

  1. Interesting. If I could create a custom endless loop TV/movie channel, share it with others via community sites (Google, Facebook, etc), access the video through the Internet and through video on demand via my hi definition TV I would pick movies that make me (and hopefully others happy):
    – Dumb and Dumber
    – The Hangover
    – That movie last year with Beyonce. Don’t remember the plot but Beyonce was in it.
    – Blue Crush
    – Sweet Smell of Success (because everyone needs more PR in their life)


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