The Blur(con)ing of Human Computer Interaction


I’ve never made any excuses for being a big fan and supporter of the conferences organized by Eric and Kim Norlin (and their dedicated group of pool hustlers family and friends who make the events run smoothly). I still have a brainache from my first Defrag. And Alcatel-Lucent (my employer) is putting serious weight behind Gluecon this year, a conference that has become *the* must-attend gathering for developers working with the APIs and the cloud.

This year Eric and Kim also introduced a new conference. It’s called Blurcon. And I am highly bummed I’m not going to make it (crazy travel schedule). What is Blurcon? Let’s let Eric describe it in his own words:

…we stand on the verge of a major revolution in the models of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). A revolution that will fly right past academic and into a world of retail, medical, gaming, military, public event, sporting, personal and marketing applications. From multi-touch to motion capture to spatial operating environments, over the next 10 years, everything we know about HCI will change.

Take a look at the agenda for day one. If you can get to the Orlando area in February and you’d like to stretch the gray matter in your head to the point of breaking, get yourself registered for Blurcon.

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