Back on the road

Crossing the Line in the 1600m It’s been quite a few years since I’ve gone out for a proper run. This morning, after resting up from a weeklong trip to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, I decided to see if the running jones was still coursing through my slow twitch muscle fibers. It was. Granted, the distance was short (3.5 miles) and the time was slow (acceptable for a marathon; unacceptable for a 5k), but muscles have memory and mine remembered what it was like 20 years ago to run competitively for the Trenton State College varsity cross country team.
(Photo: Me crossing the line; high school 1600m)

4 responses to “Back on the road”

  1. You are your own best marketer. I was just reading an article in an electronics trade magazine and saw a reference to you. Had to let you know about it… Keep running.


  2. Which mag??? Can you scan or send a link?


  3. good job, Mike. And you know I was there with you in the spirit of our early/mid 20s, every step of the way.
    greetings from Moscow…hope you are doing well.

    Pete W.


  4. Thanks Pete. Just visiting Moscow or there on assignment?


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